Here it is folks, our first TV Advert!

We would like to invite you all to witness the very dramatic (and digital) reveal of our very first television advert! *trumpet sounds and cheering* we are of course biased and incredibly pleased with how it all came together, hopefully being the first of many.

We were commissioned to produce a television advertisement for the forward thinking brand of Brunei Halal, based on the simple idea “to deliver nutritional and quality products to the world through a private label brand system that is as strong as its accreditation backbone”.

Brunei Halal are an amazing brand who’s chefs truly think outside the box, and after eating their Chilli Nacho Chicken drumsticks, we would agree, they’re amazing!

While we would love for you all too just take our word for it, we would also rather let our work speak for itself. Have a watch and make up your own minds below.

These products and more can be found in Tesco’s across the country. Our advice (and you know how much Steve loves his food) is to get down there and give them a try!

It took a dedicated team of professionals across multiple industries to create and deliver this advertisement, it couldn’t have be done without every single person involved. So a huge thank you to all of our cast and crew and the marketing team from Brunei Halal, one of whom actually featuring in the advert, so a special round of applause to Humza Nazir.

For the full list of cast, crew and locations please click here and for more information about Brunei Halal click here.

Peace and Love.